Monday, September 22, 2008

My 1st Post

For my 1st post, I would like to share my everyday fight to earn a few Sing Dollars : 0530 Wake up and prepare for work. 0600 Leave home. 0630 Park my Proton Saga at JB town car park. 0700 Ride bicycle to Singapore. 0740 Clear the checkpoints. Lock my bicycle at Woodlands Central. 0745 Ridemotorbike to office. 0820 Reach office. Clean up dirt and sweat with wet towel. 0830 Start working 1800 Finish work(provided no OT) and ride motorbike 1845 Reached Woodlands central. Lock my motorbike. 1850 Ride bicycle back to JB. 1920 Reached JB town. Drive my Proton back home. 2000 Home sweet home These are the typical daily regime many of us in JB go through. There are of course many other regime which hopefully I will be able to share later on.