Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Exodus at the Causeway

Its that time of the year, when hundreds of thousands of Malaysians scramble to balik kampung for their Chinese New Year Celebration. Here are some videos taken yesterday at the causeway when the traffic jam was not so bad.

Scrambling home using every possible means(bus, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and walking).

Uphill walk for pedestrian. Really jiak lat under the hot sun especially for those with luggage.

Crossing the road at some risk for the final climb up to Bukit Chagar checkpoint.

During weekends or holiday eves, it is very normal for Malaysians to walk all the way from Woodlands to the new JB checkpoint up on Bukit Chagar. Its a really painstaking 45 minutes walk. But they don't really have a choice. Because during these times, traffic jam on the Singapore side blocks most of the buses from passing through and ferrying people across the causeway. Thereby leaving many people stuck at the Woodlands Checkpoint waiting desperately for a bus. The ques are so long that there are no room for standing and people are forced to walk across.

Here is the route people need to walk from Woodlands to JB(Checkpint or City Square.

So this is what people down here have to go through for Chinese New Year.

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