Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buah potong percuma at 2nd Link Fruit stall.

I have been wanting to write a post regarding the fruit stall at 2nd link R&R(northbound)for quite sometime now. I regard this stall as the most successful enterprise of the 2nd link causeway. Unlike the some of the efforts on PLUS that cost a lot but doesn't give much value in return, this stall really gives us the highway users lift when we need it most.

After a hard day of work, travel and traffic jams; there is nothing better to quench our thirst and sooth the our battered bodies.

Yesterday to everyone's surprise, the owner of this fruit stall had a free buah potong session. The stall supervisor told me that the owner had wanted this session to be a token of performing zakat for the coming fasting month and also to reward the loyal customers.

Tambak riders enjoying the free watermelons. Too bad the pineapple ran out before I reached.

Kaki Tambak