Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 tigers cannot share a single mountain? Or 2 kucing jantan cannot share a single lonkang?

Please click to enlarge. All this MCA power struggle hoo haa have been given too much publicity lately. I mean it is public knowledge that CSL have been gathering troops to kick OTK off his seat. OTK will loose hands down in terms of grass root support. So he opted for a premptive strike. Its nothing but pure MCA syok sendiri political gamesmanship. People are just reading it as the tabloid stuff as it is. MCA has already lost its father figure status in the Chinese community. As for other communities, I doubt they have any sort microscopic kinship with them. The reasons for their continue existence has been reduced to serving BNs cronies business interest. So we have a huge organization with big portfolios reduced to a 'Yes men' role. Nowadays being a MCA fella is nothing you can shout out with pride on the street. Their only consolation are their share of ATM cash. And perhaps intimate personal friends too. So what do you think, 一山不能藏二虎 (2 tigers cannot share a single mountain)? Or 一沟不能藏两只猫公 (2 kucing jantan cannot share a single lonkang)? Just for laughs, Kaki Tambak

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kaki Tambaks Who Protects Singapore

Malaysians used to dominate the non-executive or blue collar level in the manufacturing, construction, shipyard, logistic, F&B and retail sectors. In the last 5 years however, their positions have been seriously under threat by Indian nationals and even more so by Chinese nationals (sometimes called Chinerians).
The security guard and auxiliary police sectors in Singapore are maybe the only area where Malaysians still have some foothold. Well maybe, for the upper spectrum only. In the security sectors, Malaysians are employed for their trustworthiness and English communication ability. Since many Malaysian Indians can communicate very well in English, they are widely employed as security guards in major hotels and buildings.
For the lower spectrum of the security guard industry - most of them are Thais, Burmese or financially challenged Singaporeans. Malaysian wages are too high at this level.
One month ago, I met a lady kaki tambak who actually lives in a taman next to mine. She is working as a security guard in downtown Singapore. After she related her daily struggles working in Singapore to me, I totally take my hat off for her.
To get to work she would tumpang van kilang from her home at 4:30am. Upon reaching Singapore at 6am , she would take other mode of transport downtown.
She then works dayshift from 8am to 8pm. After clocking out at 8pm, she would walk 10mins City Hall and then take MRT to Jurong East. She would reach Jurong East around 9pm, where she would then take bus CW3 home. If things go smoothly, she would probably reach home around 10.30pm.
She barely have enough time to sleep at home, before starting a new day at 4am. Sleeping during the journey to work would also be very difficult for her, because she has to keep on switching between buses, trains and walking.
I forgot to ask how many days she works per week. But the norm for security guards is 1 day off for every 2 weeks of work. There are lucky ones who work only 6 days per week.
Some may draw comparison of her plight with kaki tambak factory operators. But her situation is noticeably different in certain areas. Though her work is not as fast paced as those in factories, the traveling for factory operators are easier compare to hers.
In conclusion it is her daily traveling that arduously stands out than most of the kaki tambaks I know. Not even a tough nut kaki tambak like me can match her efforts in this area.
Sad to say, I have not bumped into her for the past 2 weeks. The last time I saw her, she was very tired. Not sure whether her exertion has finally taken a toll.
Kaki Tambak
Note : CW3 is a JB-Singapore bus service that uses the 2nd link instead of the old causeway. It serves between Jurong East and JB(Gelang Patah, Bukit Indah and Tun Aminah).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ah Long! Ah Long! Everywhere

Many Malaysians become kaki tambaks to pay off Ah Long debts(either theirs or their family). Many kakitambak although earning SingDollar still fall into the loan shark strangle. Any visitors to JB in recent years, would marvel at the vibrant campaign of loan shark advertising here. Ah Long banners are so widespread to the extent of JB could possibly occupy the No 1 ranking city in this area.We may not beat KL or Penang, in terms of technological or scholarly achievements. But by the look on our street, JB could realistically come out tops in loan shark advertising. The loan sharks in JB is pretty invincible. A friend's friend who failed to pay his debt was beaten up by Ah Long. When he lodges a report at the police station, someone(possibly an officer) remarked that it would be a pity these runners will be caught and convicted to a few years jail for merely doing their job. It would ruined their future and create more social problem. The Ah Long sympathizer probably meant that a lot of Chinese Sabahan youths are working as runner for JB Ah Long bosses. Anyone who has been to Sabah will probably know that the wages there are quite low and basic stuff (like Milo, newspapers, cars etc) are more expensive over there. To sum it up BN government(federal and state) has screwed Sabah big time. Part of the prosperity that penisular Malaysia enjoyed are really from by plundering Sabah and Sarawak resources; making their lives difficult. So it is some sort of retribution really to see these Sabahan youths coming over to JB, harassing and beating up people all over our town. Thrashing our streets with colourful Ah Long banners. However rampant as the Ah Long syndicate presence are, no one has heard of any Ah Long or their runners convicted in JB. I am not saying there aren't, only that neither the people I know nor myself aren't aware of any. While we wait for some strong action from PDRM, some scenic advertising for you guys to enjoy: Typical Ah Long's morning toolbox meeting, at all major JB kopitiams. Complimentary Ah Long name cards cum calendar delivered to to your doorstep twice weekly. Come in XL sizes too. This way to your nearest Ah Long. A friendly reminder of Ah Longs' number at the payphone. Ah Long Stickers on rain gutters. Cap mohor (rubber stamping) on shophouses wall .

Spray painted as per JKR requirements

Ah Long banners at major street signboard.

At least they never covered up the no. '3' , so that people won't get lost. Making TNB more colourful?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tambak Johor : Money Carriers

The recent Singapore’s Distinguished Service Order awarded to our IGP Musa Hassan for his “outstanding contribution in fostering excellent ties and cooperation” between the Malaysian police and the republic’s police force. It got me thinking what actually how does PDRM plays a part in cross-strait relationships. Somehow it only reminded me of rumours that had been circulating around JB for quite sometime. Its like already part of JB mythical folklore that no one can or is willing to verify. Before I begin, I iterate my stand of not dismissing this rumour as dongeng punya cerita(fairy tale) or justifying it as the truth. As I have no contacts in PDRM inner circle, there is no way I can verify the truth or falsity of such rumours. Rumour has it that, there are these runners who crosses the causeway to Singapore carrying certain corrupt PDRM officers dirty money. Once in SG, these runners will help deposit the monies them into the officers or the officers' families account. Based on hearsay, these runners may carriy around RM50k to RM150k per trip (not sure whether in RM or SGD). It is also rumoured that these runners are your normal looking Chinese uncle and that they enjoyed quite a comfortable living from their professions. In 2007, Singapore government imposed a mandatory declaration for those entering and leaving Singapore with more than SGD30k in cash. However this is not a restriction on the cash amount that you can carry into Singapore. So one can actually carry SGD 1million into Singapore, provided you declare it to SG government that it is for a legitimate purpose. Not sure whether the the above ruling affects these so called rumoured money carriers. They can probably carry a smaller amount and make more trip. Or they could use better ways to avoid detection at checkpoints. If these money carriers exists then I assume they too can regarded as kaki tambak (people who crosses the causeway on a regular basis for work). Albeit a very shadowy type. Most kaki tambaks will probably close one eye to these rumoured money carrier. If these money carriers existence are proven true, then the morale of us normal kaki tambak will take a bit hit. Imagined all our hard eanred SingDollar that we fight daily to bring back, being siphoned back to Singapore just like that. It is already quite sad thinking of this possibility let alone proving it. Regards, Kaki Tambak

Reminder: Collection Of Memorandum Signatures

Hi all, First of all I would like say thank you to all those kind souls who had volunteer to go around and collect signature in support of the Memorandum Menuntut Keadilan Untuk Teoh Beng Hock, Negeri Johor. Suaram JB will be compiling all the signatures on 9th Aug 2009. So please send your signed form to you nearest collection center: 1)SUARAM JB Office 8A, Jalan Ronggeng 11, Tmn Skudai Baru, 81300 Skudai. Tel : 016-7782707 2)PKR Permas Jaya Office 28-02, Jalan Permas 9/3,Taman Permas Jaya. Tel : 07-3869488 3)PAS Kota Masai Office No 26, Jalan Bachang 9, Taman Kota Masai, 81700, Pasir Gudang. Tel : 013-6240995 4)YB Ng Lam Hua Office No 2-1B, 1st Floor, Block E, JOHBASE City Square, 8600 Kluang. Tel : 012-7337435(Mr Pan) 5)Pusat Khidmat Ahli Parlimen (YB Er Teck Hwa) No.1 2nd Floor, Taman Bintang, Jalan Sakeh, 8400 Muar. Tel : 017-6121201 (Mr Liew) 6)PAS Simpang Renggam Office No 17, Jalan Berlian 3, Taman Renggam Jaya, 86200 Simpang Renggam. Tel : 07-7554693, 019-7701830 (Encik Khairul) 7) DAP Paloh Office 23, Jalan 15, Taman Sri Paloh, 86600 Paloh, Johor. Tel : 016-7521358 (Mr. Lee) 8) DAP Yong Peng Office 6,(Tingakat Satu), Taman Madu 1, 83700 Yong Peng. Tel: 016-7521358 9) PKR Tangkak Office 1543, Taman Tangkak Jaya, 84900 Tangkak, Johor. Tel: 019-6104546 10) 新山留台同學會 Tel: 019-7550960 11) 昔加末中华公会 (Persatuan Tionghua Segamat) 27,(1st Floor) Jalan Genuang, 85000 Segamat, Johor. Tel: 07-9329900 Thanks, Kaki Tambak

Monday, August 3, 2009

Armed robbery at my neighbours

My neighbour got robbed tonight. Well this is the second armed robbery on the same street as mine. The modus operandi are the same. Basically the robbers tail their victims(so happens that both are female) to their home. Once the victims enter their car porch, one robber will smash the windscreen and for this case grab the victim's handbag. Another will standby at their getaway vehicle. The whole process takes around 30-45seconds. By the time me and my father unlock our door plus main gate and rush out(with our cangkuls), the robbers had already sped off. Our neighbour was pretty shaken but was not hurt. The police came around 5 mins later. They said there is only 1 patrol car for our Taman (population more than 10000 people). They can only be at one place at at a time. Cannot cover all the areas. I replied 'Of course lah, all the police go to KL or at highway arresting Anti-ISA protesters'. Anyway since we cannot really depend on the police to protect us, here are some points that you may find useful: 1) Try not to panic (easier said than done, but at least try lah) 2) Do not put valuables (handbags, handpnones, laptop, passport etc) inside your car where it can be easily visible and taken. 3)Try lookout for anyone who might be following your car. 4)If you are followed - stay in your car and keep your doors locked. Do not go into your car porch and stay in the main road so that you are visible to your neighbours. Sound your horn before the robbers get near to your car and wait for help. 5)In any case do not attempt to scuffle with the robbers. Most of them are armed with parangs. 6)If they try to get into your car, you must try to drive away. In a worst case scenario ram your into someone else car or whatever to get attention of others. Regards and take care, Kaki Tambak

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abolish ISA - A token of support from down under

The very little that I can do to support to Abolish ISA Movement.
Still stuck at work in SG.
My usual attire in JB and SG.
Too bad still haven't bump into anyone who shares the same fashion sense. For those who have such T-shirts, please wear it more often. Don't be too worry, at least JB PDRM still not yet kacau me for the past year or so.