Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unusual Traffic Jam Again Today. What's the reason?

Today there was an unusual massive jam at Woodlands checkpoint. Unusual because, traffic has been very good the past week because of the school holidays.

At 6.30pm it was unusual for people getting of the bus from Kranji and start walking uphill to the checkpoints.

I reached the viaduct at 5.50pm and the que wasn't long. Usually it takes only 30mins to clear the checkpoints. But I only got into the causeway at 7pm. While being stuck, I was wondering what on earth was causing this jam.

Is it computer glitch at Woodlands side? Did another suspected terrorist escape from ISA detention? As I approach the causeway, the problem was not on the Singapore side. So maybe it was construction works at the Malaysian side.

But finally when I reached the causeway midpoint, there was a lorry that caught fire due to overheating. And this is a rather unusual jam, the first of its kind for me.

Fortunately the driver was unhurt. Well just another day on the causeway.

Kaki Tambak