Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So tired .....

No time to blog for quite sometime. The travelling everyday really leaves you exhausted.

Here are some pictures to show how tired we tambak riders are.

Pillion taking a nap

Even a young fella also tired like hell.

One auntie taking a quick nap while her husband steers the bike.

The hardest part. Forcing urself to work every morning.

Kaki Tambak


Paige Chia said...

Wow, these photos really tell a small story of the unseen side of daily life for a large segment of hardworking Malaysians. Interesting human interest subject. You are a great photojournalist.

Kaki Tambak said...


the unseen ups and downs, thats really what this project about.

masaiboy said...

hello brother,

i am impressed by your blog. please keep up the good work!

Kaki Tambak said...

thanks for the support masaiboy.