Friday, July 24, 2009

Motorbike Skided on Expressway

I was involved in an accident this morning. My motorbike skidded on the expressway. Suddenly, I landed in the middle of the road with my bike on top of my right leg and couldn't move. Immediately I looked behind and prayed the tailing truck don't run over me. Fortunately it didn't and I am still here to write this post. The next thing I knew, some tambak riders appeared and whisked me(and motorbike) away to the road shoulders. Never managed to catch who they are. But I would really like to thanked them and also the EMAS personnel who help to push my bike to the nearby expressway exit. Somehow I manage to ride my bike to the nearest car park where my colleague came to fetch me to the nearest clinic. For no reason, my bike just skidded out of a sudden and I could not get it under control. I still had no idea why and how it happened. I mean I was just riding at 75km/h. Was not in a hurry. slept ok last night. Both my Michelin tires in good condition. Only slight drizzle not heavy rain. And I am a very careful and seasoned rider/driver. I still don't know why. It happened too fast(bing bang and it was over). Not even time to feel scared. Thakfully, this tambak rider lives on to fight another day No greater joy than to be still sitting at home watching my daughter play. Very lucky minor wounds only, no bones visible. Tear through my raincoat to my pants. After bandaged. After bandaged.


Hawkeye said...

Hi kaki, that was the real kaki in the phots heh. Glad you are all right, but let me warn you that slight rain is the most dangerous, as the rain hits the road and there are always a thin layer of oil and slime, so the rain is cooler and hitting the hot road will make the road slippery and dangerous, and if its gets heavier or a sudden downpour, thats what aqua planing meant.

Take care and check your tyres make sure enough threads and air.

ps. met you at TBH's funeral i was with zorro.

Kaki Tambak said...

Thanks for the advice.
It was a pleasure meeting you guys there.
Regarding the other anak bangsa Malaysia blogger we'd talked about,
his address is

Pratamad said...

I am glad you are fine. Ride safely and keep writing. Whenever possible, don't ride but take other alternative transportation.